VoIP Hosted Solution

Design your own Internet Telephone Service offering using our complete hosted solution. Koncept is the only VoIP developer in the world to offer a complete, ready to launch ‘Private Label’ outsourced solution. Our hosted business models include SIP based Terminal Products, Complete Softswitch, Global VoIP and PSTN Network your operating costs will he the lowest cost per subscriber. The Hosted Platform elements include:
InfiNET Softswitch Platform
SIP Based Call Control, OSS, Billing, Media & Applications
Unique Distributed Architecture
Designed, developed and maintained by Koncept R&D Team
Scalable and Feature Rich


Broadband, Gateways and Softphone
Real Plug and Play
Low Cost
Fast Subscriber Adoption

Global VoIP Network

InfnNET’s distributed architecture includes Media Servers around the world
Ensuring FREE on net calling and highest QoS

Worldwide Termination

Interconnection to >1900 destinations & >190 countries