Outsourcing Office in China

Employee Hosting & Outsourcing

Megalink offers the SME the opportunity to ‘test’ the China IT outsource model by hosting employees in our China offices. Services include recruiting, payroll management, office, and technology infrastructure (including USA VPN circuit). Megalink will offer these services under the auspices of their Megalink China PRC entity, saving the customer time and money. Minimum terms will apply.

Success Story:

A USA leading remote database management company sought to expand their reach in China. They wanted to locate resources to build their engineering team in order to save costs and provide around-the-clock support to their global customers.

Megalink identified the top 10 IT companies in China and arranged meetings between them and the customer. We assisted the customer conduct discussions with the Chinese companies about business opportunities, and helped them set up a Shenzhen base and build their engineering staff. We negotiated a financing deal in China, and successfully ushered their expansion in the country.

We have a long roster of clients, including one of the USA’s largest banks, that are very satisfied with the Megalink Chinese team and their many success stories.

Another Megalink China IT Outsourcing Success Story:

A US-based WiFi hardware manufacturer needed to establish an R&D team in China quickly. Megalink provided customized service for this company and provided recruiting, HR, accounting, office space, and technology for the team in a matter of weeks.

This interim step enabled the company to gain an instant presence in Shenzhen while they worked to established permanent PRC company status. Megalink minimized the time and risk needed to enter into the China business climate. Thanks to the acceleration provided by Megalink, the company was able to build a high-tech team in Shenzhen of over 100 people within two years.

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