China-US-VPN Overview:

China Virtual Private Networking (VPN) allows remote workers secure access to your company network, just as if they were at their desks in your home office. While this is a necessary and efficient tool, a VPN can be difficult to manage and expensive for a small business, especially if you have China and USA locations.

China has the biggest internet user base in the world– 591million, more than double the 2nd space USA 254million. While, all these China internet population is on an internet island which connects to the rest of the public internet world by only 9 national gateways, fully monitored by a powerful censorship and surveillance system of China government, that is the “famous” GFW – Great Firewall.

The 9 gateways limited bandwidth creates a bottleneck for all users in China who try to access a websites or private networks in USA. A typical website hosted in the USA takes 10 to 20 seconds to load in China, and the GFW filtering process some time make it even worse. if you ( or even someone in your office) search or browse certain keywords which fall in GFW blocking list, you and  the whole office may be cut off access this web for 3~10 minutes. Regular VPN does not solve all these problems because it is still based on the public internet.

Our CU-VPN service uses Internet Protocol Secured (IPsec) or OpenVPN prototol to connect your China and USA corporate networks through our dedicated IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) across the ocean. Our IPLC circuit bypasses the national gateway Internet bottleneck, providing you the same fast, secure, and affordable commercial level solution that large companies enjoy.

Now with our ‘InNET Private Proxy’ service, allowing you full browsing from China, bypassing the China ‘Great Firewall’ and eliminating all filtering of keywords, and allowing full access to services such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

CU-VPN Secured Voice and Data Network:


CU-VPN Benefits:

  • Connect your China and USA locations/employees/supply chains intranet without the investment of a dedicated private international lease line.
  • Keep data confidential.
  • Ensure the identities of the parties communicating.
  • Ensure data is accurate and in its original form.
  • Free voice connection between China and USA for office and mobile users*.
  • Single point of service for both China and USA.

CU-VPN Features:

  • Secure, scalable VPN connection between China and USA, a commercial grade service.
  • Fast and stable interconnection accelerate your ERP, CRM, BCP, EAI applications to China Branch, outsource partner or supply chain
  • InNET Private Proxy Service allows full browser access to USA sites from China without ‘Great Firewall’ filtering.
  • Our VPN equipment compresses data before transport, so you’ll experience faster than your purchased bandwidth.
  • FAST setup. We will send you the preconfigured router and it’s almost plug and play. We can complete the provision in 1 week after getting your current network information.
  • NO long term contract. You send our router back then don’t own us anything.
  • Zero or less change on your existing network structure
  • We do CUSTOMIZE. We talk and discuss with you to fit our VPN in your network, and twist it best to your scenario
  • Buy only the bandwidth you need from 256k–2mbps, and increase as required.
  • Secured and encrypted data through IPsec or OpenVPN technology.
  • Simplified network construction and maintenance, we have support engineer both in China and USA speak your language
  • Support multiple service convergence including data, voice and video.
  • Add-on features, voice services (desk to desk, mobile to desk, mobile to mobile*).

CU-VPN Target Customers:

For small and mid-size companies and branch offices of multi-national companies that need a stable and secure voice and data connection between their China and USA locations. CU-VPN provides many different options.

CU-VPN Pricing:

Bandwidth Monthly Recurring Installation Charge VPN Device
256 kbps $320 $250 $200
512 kbps $470 $250 $200
768 kbps $620 $250 Free
1mbps $850 $250 Free
2mbps $1180 $250 Free

Success Stories:

A US based BPM & Workflow solutions provider required a reliable bandwidth connection for their China based customer’s streaming requirements. Working together with our sister company, Megalink engineering team in the US and China enabled the customer to test the CU-VPN solution before committing to deploy.

A US based remote management service provider with a large customer based in both China and USA required their team in China to connect sensitive data requirements via VPN with their US offices. Our Megalink engineering team maintains this high bandwidth connection from our Los Angeles Co-Location while managing the local loop connections in China.

Our circuits have been a part of our services offered to customers since 2003.

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