product-imgOur Digital Media Platform (DMP) branded InfiNET is a global solution designed to deliver Value Added Applications including Advertising, Content and Communications to users on a private or public network. Core to the DMP is our SHUTTER Media Player, which allows users to access all services from Voice to Movies, Software and Community Specific applications. A unique function of SHUTTER is the multiple Advertising Channels including Banner, Pre/On/Post Phone Call delivering Flash Media Advertisements.

Our AdSight feature provides Geo-Demographic data to Advertisers to target their messages. These capabilities present SHUTTER as a unique one to one and/or broadcast communication tool for advertisers:

InfiNET Digital Media Services Platform

  • OSS, Billing, Media & Applications
  • Digital Marketing Platform
  • Distributed Architecture Designed and developed by Megalink
  • InfiNET Media Server Farms > 50 locations worldwide
  • Global Interconnection to >1900 destinations & >190 countries
  • Scalable and Feature Rich Multimedia Platform
  • Research Platform