About Us

We are a Digital Media Delivery Platform for Advertising, Communications and Content to targeted communities. As such, our Advertising supported and pay per use Multimedia services allows companies to more effectively reach and manage their audience. Megalink has developed and deployed its own Digital Media Platform that delivers Applications including communications (Voice & Video) Content (Movies, Music) Marketing and Research Data Collection. Our Global Platform has Point of Presence in USA, Hong Kong, Beijing and London connects to end users via distributed Media Servers located around the world.

Applications are delivered to users via the public or private Internet to our Interactive Media Player on the users PC. This Media Player allows users to manage their account and applications for settlement as well as store demographic data. Users can pay per use for each application or receive credit for advertising views or research response. From its inception, the Company developed the first generation Integrated Media Server (IMS) which supported VoIP and other voice related applications. From 2004, the Company has built its business via building Virtual Service Providers to sell our services to their end users. Currently, the Company has end users in South America, Mexico, USA, Canada, UK, Malaysia and China.

The original design of IMS was planned for migration to the Digital Media Platform to support and deliver broadband applications including music, movies and video instant messaging, as well as VoIP. The Company’s strategic focus is on developing large communities around the world, beginning with our Joint Venture in China serving 23 million Students and Faculty on the private Chine Educational Research Network (CERNET).